Friday, 18 November 2016

Working out how to best remove the broken and rotten deck beams ahead of the cabin front.

When down the boatyard to check on Mai-Star II and to work out how to best to remove the two damaged and rotten deck beams ahead of the cabin front and how best to sort out the deck mast collar that fits between the two deck beams. As the mast is no longer going to go down to the keel and is going to be deck stepped that deck collar will have to be replaced and a solid plate put in its place and fixed in place.

There are a number of bits of steel work to get unbolted in the area so it is going to be fun removing the old steel boats which have not seen the light of day for over 70 years. So there is going to be a cursing as it is going to be difficult to get some or not all the bolts apart.
  Especially on these steel deck knees that are bolted to the deck beams and the grown frames on the hull.