Saturday, 9 January 2016

This year's goals for the restoration of Mai-Star II

This year's goals for Mai-Star II are, firstly to get it back up and sailing again after finishing off the last remaining jobs on the refit list. Secondly get through the refit list is still quite long, Although not undo able over the next few months as long as the weather gods are kind to us and it stays reasonably dry.  Thirdly,  Once the refit is finished for this year then the long period of time to get the crew and the systems onboard set up. The crew training is going to take to the time as they have not sailed this type of yacht before, although the skipper has and so there are going to be some fun times ahead getting the crew trained and so we can complete in the Old Gaffer Races this year.

Once those three goals are completed then the yacht should be ready, the only hurdle then will be to get the logistics sorted for the passages between ports that the yacht is going to visit along the Old Gaffers races and any secondly ports that will be able to be used if the weather turned against us.

So although refit part of the yacht is coming along well the logistics of doing the Old Gaffer races is going to take time to sort out and get in place.