Friday, 22 January 2016

Refitting the Samson Posts and front coaming blocks

In order to put the Samson posts back in the correct position in the aft corners of the cockpit and through the seats, they needed to be cramped to the coamings so that they could have the lower part of them marked out on the seats.

Once that was done, then they were removed and the cut outs in the seats were made and the Samson posts were lowered into position 

All that is needed now is to make up the bottom end blocks to fix the lower ends into position and once the coamings are finally fixed in place fix the Samson posts to the side and aft coamings.

The front coaming blocks cut and the bevels planed to fit the deck and the tops angled at the correct angle to take the sheet winches .

The first coaming block fitted between the cabin side and the cockpit coaming just needs the coaming cutting to the correct length to make the coaming block come level with the cabin bulkhead.