Monday, 28 December 2015

The trouble with old yachts is they have little and major headaches that come along to keep you on your toes

One of the minor problems that is taking a while to sort itself out is a slow leak up aft where the stern post fits the planks.Different materials swelling at different rates.

A job for the spring when the weather is better is cleaning the underside of the deck and replacing the old forehatch.

One major problem that as come up since the mast as gone up a fracture in the deck beam ahead of the mast step. 

This is going to be a pain to replace, However until next winter it will be possible to repair and strengthen up to see us through the sailing season this year.

This photo show the extent of the problem, however will shore it up and glue and bolt together and make a brace to support through the season and then remove the beam over the following winter.