Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Starting to get equipment back onboard the yacht.

The navigation area now starting to come together. Just got to get the new GPS bracket fitted to the bulkhead and get the binocular box made as well as the LW radio box made and that will finish off the area.  

Now complete expect for a removable chart table which has to be made once the other work in the area is finished.

The next job for Simon will be to make a start on the cockpit coamings and the reefing brackets which have to be fitted to the outboard end of the boom to make it easier to reef the mainsail. Then back at the workshop make some new cleats to fit on the front end of the boom.

While the apprentice Ashley gets to grips with varnishing the cabin sides

 and then we both get to grips with refitting the cooker in position and measures up the trims for the edges of the bulkheads.