Sunday, 15 November 2015

A busy week and still the list is getting no shorter at he moment.

It has been a busy week with a number of jobs completed and a number got underway.
The bowsprit all set up just need to sort the mast rigging and then set the rig up. 

 The forehatch need to be replaced over the winter months with a new better designed hatch that will keep the water out. 
There are number of jobs to do on the foredeck so this is one area where the apprentice can get on and do his work, while I sort out the cockpit and get the new coamings fitted as well as the manual bilge pump and the cockpit seats and lockers and other items that need storage positions.

At the same time there is a number of jobs to be getting on with in the cabin, varnishing, painting and making new locker bases for storage under the bunks.

So the jobs are getting done, but as with all refits and restorations the lists get for a time shorter then get longer again as more jobs appear.