Sunday, 20 September 2015

Not long now, or at least I hope so?r

This next week is going to be busy as the final touches will be done to the yacht before it goes back in the water. The main part of the push this week is getting the bottom watertight or at least water tight enough to go back in the water and let the plank swell up to make it water tight. The first time I launch the yacht when back in the water was after it had been out of the water for over 12 years and it had to be held in slings for a couple of hours, while the planks started to swell up as they were so dry and needed time to take on some moisture and expand again back to their normal size. Hopefully this time it should be better as the yacht as only been out for a couple of years and there as been a lot of work done on the planking and ribs to replace broken planks and especially broken ribs amidships on the yacht where she had been grounded earlier in her life.

So it is now a rush to get the final jobs done and get her ready for her re-launch at the end of the week, if it goes to plan and there are not too many problems between now and Friday.