Wednesday, 30 September 2015

At last the hull as taken up and the work can start on the refitting out of the yacht.

After a wait of about a week, the planks have at last swelled up and the yacht is now more or less watertight and floating without the add of a large bilge pump to keep her afloat.

Now that this as happened the fitting out of the yacht can begin with getting the painting and varnishing done and the cabin roof sealed and painted before the winter weather sets in. The main cabin will be the starting point as this as the least amount of work that needs doing to it. Then it will be the turn of the cockpit and finally the fore cabin.

While this is going on the mast will be getting its final coats of varnish before being redressed and stepped again and the sails bend on so that the sailing trials over the winter can get underway, so that the yacht will be ready to do some Old Gaffer racing next season.