Saturday, 5 September 2015

A shorter list of To-Do-Jobs before the Mai-Star II is re-launched.

Last week was taken up with a special project boat I have been doing for one of my clients. Now that it is now finished and ready to launch. I will be able to bet on with Mai-Star II again and get the hull finished off and back in the water for the winter. So over the weekend it will be list making of the to do jobs and getting the materials together to get the jobs done over the next week as long as the weather stays dry during the day and the temperature stays above 10 degrees. The rudder is coming along well with one of the new cheek pieces now glued in place, now just waiting for the glue to go off, so that the other cheek piece can be glued on and the final shaping and sanding can be done, now the whole of the upper half of the rudder can be epoxied before the rudder is re-painted. 

The apprentice as the good job of painting the bottom of the yacht with first underwater primer and once the caulking and puttying is done then the antifouling. I know apprentice get the dirty jobs, but I have an apprentice who actually enjoys painting whatever it is. So it is better for me as I have done my fair share of bottoms of motorboats and yachts over the years, so if there is someone who wants to do them, I am not going to stop them.

So the first job on Mai-Star II next week is to highlight the holes from the old nail holes from the ribs and any of holes from old fittings and damaged planks get these filled or repaired which ever is necessary. Then put the last short ribs in the cockpit and then paint the bottom of the boat. 

so between the two of us we should be able to get a number of jobs done over the next few days and get her ready for her new launch date at the end of the month.