Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Today's its rib cutting and other jobs.

Today it is going to be cutting the rest of the green oak ribs day. Once they are cut they will be time to put them through the thicknesser to get them down to the correct thickness and give them a clean finished finish which will be ready to be painted once they are in the boat and cliched up. As they are on show behind the varnished mahogany  hull battens. Also it will be time to sort out the cockpit coming and make new coating as the old coaming were a little on the thin side and were a problem in the past, especially when they broke when sailing hard on the wind. This was because the cleats for the headsails were fixed to the outside face of the coaming. This is going to be overcome by making new thicker coaming and improving the sheeting system and fitting winches on blocks to the outside of the coamings. This way the pressure will be on the winches and the blocks and not the coamings directly.

Also it will be time to get the varnish brushes out and get some more coats of varnish on the both the outside and inside of the cabin sides and get ready to cover the cabin roof/deck with epoxy resin and matting and then continue to get the roof finished off.