Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Today saw an end to one of the major jobs on the refit list.

Today saw the end of the last of the new ribs being clinched up and finished. That was one of the biggest jobs on the refit list and one that is finally finished. There are a few odd nails to clinch up around the boat, however the mass numbers of nails that needing doing is now at an end. So now the attention is on  the smaller jobs on the refit list which will take time to sort out. However, these are smaller and easier jobs to do. The other major job that is being done, is being done by my apprentice, which is stripping and re-varnishing the mast.

One of the easier jobs to do is the cabin roof which needs recovering with epoxy resin and matting and then the new wooden trims fitted after the covering is done.  One job that I will be looking forward too is the new cockpit design and the better use of space and use of under cockpit storage.

But before any of that can be done the bilge as to be painted out and then the bilge pumps and their pipes fitted. Then the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted.

While this is being done the outside and inside of the boat will be painted and varnished and then hopefully the boat will be re-launched.