Monday, 27 April 2015

Finally got the green oak for the ribs, As arrived and can start putting in the last of the ribs

Finally got the green oak for the ribs, now I can get on with replacing the last remaining ribs. then I can get on with the painting of the hull. So over the next few days it will be spent in the workshop sawing the oak planks down to the size of the ribs, then putting them through the thicknesser/planner and then finally taking them to the boatyard to steam them in the boat. Once that is done can turn my attention to painting and varnishing the hull and cabin sides.

At the same time can get on with varnishing and painting the inside of the cabin especially the  varnish work on the cabin sides and the bare patches of white paint work which needs touching up and priming. then the whole of the inside needs a coat of fresh undercoat and white gloss and the trims need fitting and varnishing once they are in place.