Monday, 9 February 2015

Spring is just round the corner and the boat needs finishing off and putting back in the water.

Spring just round the corner, it is time to make a start on Mai-Star II and get her back together and ready to get in the water.but before I can do that I need to get a few jobs on the boat finished off , mainly the last plank in the bow and the rest of the ribs to make and steam into position.

Then get the cabin roof finished off and the cockpit to sort out and make more use of the available space above and below the cockpit sole. Because now that she as no engine under the cockpit sole there is now room for other items that can be stored under it.

Another bit to sort out will be the height of the cockpit coaming and the fitting of a pair of small winches for the headsails which it did not have before and that I found were needed when tacking up and down the rivers when the boat was last in the water and also needed is a small winch to tension the running backstays as this is needed to keep the tension in the mast when beating to windward in a bit of a blow.

But the main job for now is to get the hull and superstructure watertight and painted so we can get her afloat as soon as possible and start to enjoy our sailing of her again.