Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sorting out the inside of the boat ready to get on with replacing the planks on the bow and other jobs.

Today's work was getting the boat ready to replace the planks on the starboard bow. this involved removing the chain locker bulkhead and some of the loose items that were there while the new ribs further aft were being fitted.

The other job that was sorted today was the main electrics so that many of the main services can be fitted and the switch panel was tested and the first of the fitted systems were found to be working correctly.

The first major job on the bow is the existing planking needs to be fixed before the new planking can be started to be fixed to the stem. The existing planking which has come loose or there are not enough fixing in the first place will to be re-fixed, where the fixing has broken, the fixing  will be removed and new bronze fixing will be put in their place.

Once the existing planking is sorted, the new sections of planking will have to be steamed in place as there is an amount of twist in the plank ends and to ensure a good fixing that is not under tension this will need to be done. There also a need to fit a new section of rib in the bow where one of the original ribs as broken and this will have to be done before any new planking is fitted  

Another job that was done today was the sliding hatch runner were temporarily fixed in place so the main hatch can be made secure.

So all in all another productive day down the boatyard and back tomorrow for some more work on the bow planking and fixing in the three new ribs in the main cabin.