Saturday, 6 September 2014

The winter refit has got underway

The winter refit has got underway and the jobs are ticked off the list. The first major job is going to be the reinstating of the new oak ribs where the old broken ribs were removed.
The next job will be getting the planks on the stem sorted out, removing the damaged front ends where they had repeatedly been screwed and re-screwed over a number of years.
Another job that needs doing is the roof need finishing off, it will be watertight and then the roof can be covered with epoxy matting and the the sliding  hatch can be fitted and can the handrails.
One other job that needs doing is the varnishing on the cabin sides and the toe rails and rubbing strakes.
Above the waterline the hull can be sorted with fitting new skin fittings for the bilge pumps and also the need to resealing a leaking chain plate. Also, the need to glue some grading pieces in transom where a couple of areas of damaged wood were found when the hull was burned off.