Saturday, 31 May 2014

The first part of the roof now made just got to get the other part made up.

The first part of the roof made up on the cabin, just got to buy the T&G to put under this marine plywood outer layer, so the inside looks like did originally but without the problems of leaking as it expands and contracts in the heat and moisture.  
View out  over the transom of the boat. In the distance it is Ipswich.

Another photo with a view forward Ipswich Docks.

The Mai-Star II's tender now back in the water so at least can go out on the river for short trips again after working on Mai-Star II  

The Blue boat in the middle of this photo is a sister ship to the one I did my first Bay of Biscay crossing back in the early 1990's and there as been a lot of adventures since and more to come I hope.