Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Getting the cabin sides back in place and other jobs.

Yesterday I started to get the new cabin sides back into position and start to make the boat look more like its old self. The only difference this time is that the cabin sides are made out of mahogany and not larch like the first set. Also they are going to be put in by screwing them to the carlins and not like before fitted on top of the side decks. So that now the cabin sides have a fighting chance of sealing and not leaking this time, also the cabin sides and the roof beams are going to be fixed in a way so they stay fixed together and not come apart as has happened in the past. Once the cabin sides are back in place the deck beams will be fitted and the roof will be made up. this time it will be a T&G on the inside face and then covered with a sheet of 4 mm marine plywood which in turn will be covered with epoxy matting. This way there should be little or chance for any leaks from the cabin roof in the future.

Another job at the moment is getting the planks back in the bottom as well as getting the new ribs put back in the boat and then be able to sort out the interior refit of the boat and get on with the outside paint work and varnishing the toe rails and rubbing skates.