Thursday, 20 February 2014

The major problem at the moment is trying to get the hull shape back into position.

The main problem with the port side is the number of steps that developed in the planking over the year and how they were made worse by broken ribs and their doubling ribs being put in to keep the steps in the planking there.
  So the next job will be to make up a former for the inside out of metal and using the old nail holes with bolts with large washers on the outside pull the planking back into position again and then steam the new ribs into the correct position once the hull planking is in its correct position to give a fair curve to the inside and outside of the hull.
 The holes that will be used are the ones on the right hand side of the photo as these ones are the doubler rib holes and the ones that will be filled up after the ribs are fitted.