Sunday, 16 February 2014

The last two weeks as been a period of shut up in the workshop and not been able to get out on the boat.

The last two week as been hard on thew nerves as can see the time racing away and not been able to get out on the boat and get the planks back in the boat and the ribs put back in place and so get the hull made good. Hopefully with the weather having a break for a couple of days will able to get some work done on the boat this coming week. At least with a break in the weather other work can be done as well.

Namely get on with the removing of the paint on the hull on the outside and cleaning down the inside with the cover taken off to let the boat breath a bit and also dry out a bit and so can repair the edges of the deck before putting the cabin sides back on once they are all glued up sanded down.

After the hull planking and getting the new ribs back in place, the cabin sides and roof are going to be the next biggest job on the boat and after that the redesigned cockpit and the new fore hatch that as to be made as the old hatch is not up the job any longer.

One job I have been able to do while the weather as been poor is get a few coats of varnish on the spars apart the mast and the boom as these two can only done outside as they are to long to fit in the workshop.

So as long as the weather stays fine for a few days should able to get on with at least a few jobs this week.