Monday, 3 February 2014

Starting to shore up the side of the hull to push it back into position.

This photo is of the first of the props put in position to help to start pushing the turn of the bilge back into its correct position, now that the broken ribs have been replaced and the seams have been cleaned out so that the ploanks can freely go back where they should be.
This photo is of all the props now in place and the turn of the bilge is now looking more like it did when it was first build over 70 years ago.
 Another photo of the shores in position and that it is ready it will be time to make the new ribs and fit the them in position and make the boat more shapely again and lose that corner on the turn of the bilge.
Thjis photo is of the starboard side it is in need of a few ribs but not to the same extent as the port side that as had to have major work done to it.