Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rubbing down more wood this time the spars and other jobs.

Getting more varnish on the spars, now about half way through the process of getting enough varnish on the spars. The only spar that as not been worked on is the mast as that as been outside down at the boatyard and as not been able to be put under cover so it will be done as soon as the weather gets better and there are a few good drying days to get some more varnish on it. Also get the mast wiring for the VHF Ariel sorted and one for the masthead light as well.

Then the next job will be to down the boatyard and get the new cabin sides in place and the new ribs and planks back in place. So then the boat can be watertight from below and above.
There is also a great deal of painting and varnishing to do on the boat both inside and outside as the boat need a stripping back on the outside back to bare once the planking and new ribs are put back in plank the hull will need fairing up.