Tuesday, 4 February 2014

finishing cutting out the old ribs for the time being?

Yesterday was spent moving the boat to where it is going to stay until it is finished and ready to go back in the water.

Now the staging can be put round it and work can start on the cabin sides and deck and at the same time work can continue on the hull planking and replacing the old broken ribs.

 Also, yesterday was spent cutting out the last of the old broken ribs before a number of the new ribs are put back in place and then the final few old ribs will be taken out and that job will be completed for the time being.

Then the other jobs can get started and finished off so that the cabin sides and roof can go back on.
The first job is to get the hull shored up into position again after the planks have been eased a little so that the planks will go back into position.

This part of the job will take sometime to do as some of the planks are going to need refastening with new bronze screws and copper nails as the old ones have seen better days.

One of the jobs today will be to sort out the first of the oak boards to cut out the first batch of green oak ribs to put in Mai-Star II so that the hull will stronger once they are place and the hull will regain its shape again. Then this afternoon it will off to the Boatyard to get the last little bit of broken rib out from behind the gunwales and remove the old copper nails and screws so that the new ribs can go back in place.