Friday, 31 January 2014

Work as come to a halt for the moment after get a bad back pain that put me off my feet.

I am having an enforced break from working on Mai-Star II as I have strained my back and it has put me off my feet for a few days to give it chance to recover.

In the meantime it give me a chance to get other jobs done around the workload such as planning the next phase of the jobs on the boat and get people onboard to do some of the heavy work which as caused me to be laid up now.

The main jobs that will need doing over the next few weeks will be to get the cabin sides and front glued up and to cut the new ribs to go in the boat once the hull is pushed back into position and the hard spot as been taken out of the turn of the bilge.

Once these jobs are done then the boat will start to take shape again.