Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The major job of this winter's refit is the making and fitting of the new cabin sides and roof.

After many years of service the cabin sides and roof started to leak and it was seen as the best way to sort out the problem was to remove the deck and investigate the cause of the problem and see if it could be a simple job.
However, upon investigation it was found that the problem was to large to get away with a simple repair job.
So it was decided that the cabin and then the cabin sides would get removed and the whole lot would be renewed.
This photo shows the boat with the roof and cabin sides removed, in the end it was easier than I was expecting it to be and found out why it had started to leak in the first place.
 This photo shows the port side looking aft towards the sink/galley area and shows the carlin, which the cabin side was sitting on? this is something that will not be repeated this time. as the cabin side joint was moving as it was found not to be fixed to the carlin apart from by a covering board that screwed the cabin side to the carlin.
 The same photo of the starboard side looking aft showing the same problem as the port side not real fixing between the cabin side and the carlin so making any sort of good sealing joint between to the two halfs.
 It looks like it going to be a large job, but we now have the new wood for the cabin sides and it is now a matter of gluing them together and getting them fixed in place.
 This photo is of the plywood templates that have been made to act as patterns to make the new cabvin sides.
So the next job now is to machine the egdes of the new mahogany boards and glue them together so that we can start to rebuild the cabin sides and get the new roof on and get the cabin sealed up.