Monday, 6 January 2014

The jobs on Mai-Star II are getting underway again.

The wood for the cabin sides is now at the timber merchants getting thicknessed to their finished thickness. Then the two longer planks will be glued together to make make up the full width of the cabin sides and also the cabin front piece as well. Once they are glued together the we can start to rebuild the cabin and make the boat watertight from above.

Then that leaves the bottom planks on the port side and the ribs to replace on the port side in the cabin and the ribs on both sides in the cockpit, before fitting the middle floor bearer in the cockpit and then refitting the cockpit out in a more user friendly way.

Then the refit of the inside will start with the fitting of the extra ballast the boat needs and the extra batteries and anchor chain also an extra fuel tank for the outboard so as to extent the range of the outboard on longer trips.

Also in the cabin the galley will be re-designed to have a gimballed cooker and extra storage for provisions for the trips.

The trims will have to be made up for the bunk fronts and tops and then glued in place when the cabin sides and front are fixed in place and the deck beams and roof are bacvk in place once more.