Friday, 24 January 2014

Major reairs to the port side of the boat from the cockpit to the front of the main cabin.

 The major repairs that are neeeded to be done on the port side of the yacht are the replacement of the two planks up aft and the ten or so ribs, of which seven of them are on the port side and three on the starboard side in the cockpit.
This photo is of the area of the bottom where the planks need replacing and also one of the ribs as well.
 The major problem with the planking on the port side as come about because of the number of broken ribs the yacht as got down the port side especially  amidships where some time in the past she took a heavy grounding and broke a number of ribs which were doubled up without pushing the boat back into shape and vleaving her with a step in the turn of the bilge. As seen in the next three photos .

 On the outside of the hull will start by raking out the seams and pushing the planks back into position.
This could be a bit of a job and the seams are tight at the moment and will need the seams to be made larger to get the shape back in the turn of the bilge. 
In this photo the first of the post put in place in the turn of the bilge to start the slow progress of  pushing the planks back position.