Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Just wish this wet weather would come to an end?

Over the past month it has been impossible to get on with any meaningful work on the outside of the boat as the weather as been against us. However, it has given us time to get other small jobs done in the workshop. Things like sorting out locker tops and cutting out new hatches for gaining next storage under the bunks in the main cabin. Making trims for the bunks and other areas in and around the boat. Making cockpit coaming blocks to fit new winches on and for connecting the cockpit coaming to the cabin side when they are made and back in situ. Also given me the chance to get the deck beams sorted and which we will be able to reuse, cleaned up and re-painted.

The next job is to get down to the boat and sort out the planking that needs refitting after it as been streamed into shape and then get the new ribs cut and machined up and refitted in the boat and the get the underwater part of the hull splined.