Sunday, 8 December 2013

This week it was the turn of the new cabin sides to get some work done on them & other work.

After a few months of working on other clients boats, I now have a bit of time to work on my own boat and get the new cabin sides made and start to make progress. These will be the first new cabin sides the boat as had in 74 years and this time they are going to be made out of Mahogany and not larch which the first set that were made for the boat. Also this coming week there will be work on the hull planking and also the cockpit re-working to make it easier to work in while sailing and easier to work the main sheet and foresail sheets which will be re-designed and re-positioned to make it easier to trim the sails when short handed.

The main body of work this winter will be on getting the hull sorted, in as much as getting all the broken ribs replaced and the doubling ribs removed and their old holes filled and the hull faired up and where necessay the seams that need splineing can be done. 

Then with the cabin sides all glued and splined together, get them fixed to the carlins and the cabin roof refitted and made watertight and then get the interior refitted and the whole boat repainted inside and out and then relauched ready for the new season next year.