Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Going to get some more wood for the refit of Mai-Star II

Today it is out on the road to the local timber yard to get some more oak and larch for the refit of Mai-Star II. I need to get some good green oak for the ribs that need renewing in Mai-Star II's cockpit and the ones that need renewing down the port hand side in the main cabin that have been broken over the course of its long life.

I will also be getting some larch for the planking that need replacing in the bottom of the boat where there has been damage and a small amount of rot. Once we have the new wood and can get on with the repairs then this should see the hull of the boat sorted out and then we can turn our attention to the cabin sides and roof of the main cabin. This making the boat watertight from both directions. Then it will be a case of getting the boat all painted and varnished and get it back in the water to do some sailing over the winter months.