Tuesday, 10 September 2013

All being well should get back to starting the refit on Mai-Star II again shortly.

It as been a while since there as been any major work done to the boat, mainly due to other work commitments. However, over the next few weeks we should get back on track and get some of the smaller jobs out of the way, such as the replacing of the ribs in the cockpit and down the port hand side of the hull up to the level of the chainplates.

Then is will be the turn of the starboard side in the cockpit to have its rbs replaced but not as many on this side as they appear to be in good order apart from a couple in the fore end of the cabin in the fore peak which n eed replacing during the winter months.

Once this is all done it will be the turn of the cabin sides and the cockpit coamings to be done and the new cabin roof to be made and fitted. then the new cockpit layout to be made and fitted and the fuel and water tanks and batteries to be fitted.

Then hopefully put back in the water to have a few short sails over the wintert months when the weather is fine.