Saturday, 24 August 2013

This week as been a bit of a hit and miss affair

This week there has not been a lot done to the boat, apart from fitting hardwood plugs in the old nail holes after drilling holes to fit the plugs in. Then the nice(tongue in cheek) job that is gluing the hardwood plugs in place after they are covered in epoxy glue and tapped in place.

After that was done then the cockpit seats and stamson posts were removed to gain access to the remaining ribs that have to be replaced in the cockpit. This will be done when I get some more green oak from my local timber source who cuts it to order so that it is as green as it can possibly be and make fitting new ribs easier round tight curves. This is especially true in Mai-Star II cokpit where they go through two different directions from the hog to the deck.

After these jobs were done the weather and family comittments stopped me from doing any more work this week. Hopefully next week I will be able to get the plugs cleaned off back to the level of the planks and will be able to start painting the hull of the boat where the plugs have been fitted.