Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Start of another week of repairs to Mai-Star II

This photo is of the back of the cockpit showing how over built Mai-Star II was built in 1939 and why it as been able to last as long as it as.
 This photo shows the old nail holes plugged with hardwood plugs, which have been epoxy glued in place, also shows the two planks that have to be renewed as they have damage to the planks.
 This photo shows the stern post with the putty and caulking removed and this joint will be filled with a spline as this is too large to caulk and keep sealed.
 This photo show the same problem on the starboard side and will get the same treatment
 This photo shows the port side of the cockpit with the cockpit seats removed and the aft samson posts removed, now it will be possible to get to work on the damaged planking and to renew the broken ribs.
 Another photo of the port side of the cockpit showing the extent of the job ahead
 This photo shows another rib that as broken while the boat is out of the water, due in part to the dry weather and the boat moving.

 This photo shows that there are a number of broken ribs still to come out of the cockpit, so my hands are going to be full for some time to come