Wednesday, 14 August 2013

so the ribs start coming out

This photo is of where the ribs and the planks need refastening as nails have stretched after 74 years of hard sailing

 This photo is of where the port aft chainplate was damaged in a storm and it needs removing and refastening and sealing.
This photo is of the starboard forward end of the cabin bunk top and one of the few ribs that is still in one pieces where as the ones on the port side are broken.
This photo shows the doubling ribs removed on the port side in the cockpit before the old nail holes are sealed with hardwood plugs which are going to be glued in place with epoxy glue.
 This photo is of the starboard side of the cockpit with the doubling ribs removed and before the old nail holes are sealed, and before the old ribs which are still in place are renewed, the old ribs are broken and will need replacing with fresh green oak.
 This photo is of the bottom of the stern post and shows the shape of the bilge.
 The port side looks like a bit of a pin cushion with all those old nails removed before they are all plugged up and sealed.
 This photo shows an old repair done many years ago when Mai-Star II was involved in a breaching that broke a many of her port side ribs and the ribs were not replaced but beefed up by fitting these two grown frames.
 This photo is of the bottom end of the ribs in the photo above, showing it broke in more than one place.
 This photo shows that the boat as developed a bit of a corner at the turn of the bilge
 This photo shows how it as developed further along on the port side.
 This photo shows that the starboard side is fairly good condition just a few nails to sort out.