Monday, 29 July 2013

Starting to work through the refit list.

Now that I have made my refit list, it is now time to get to work ticking off the jobs that need doing first. The small jobs that as normal take more time than they should do , but need doing all the same.

Small jobs like ensuring that there are not any sharp edges on locker lids or bunk tops so that when things are put in lockers they do not get held up on these edges.
Rubbing down locker lids and bunk top with a fresh coat of paint, then starting to make new trims for areas of the cabin and cockpit.

Sorting out pattern material to use for making patterns to new cabin locker bases and cockpit lockers a job that needs doing this year. It was a thing that was highlighted last year while sailing when there was not enough room under the bunks that had a base in it to keep the stores and clothes out of the bilge.

Another job that needs doing in to make trims for the cabin bulkheads so that the edges are sealed and the mahogany trims will set off the white painted interior well and make it look better as well.

So all in all a busy week ahead getting through my latest refit list.