Friday, 26 July 2013

So the the refit begins

So the work in the cockpit as started with the removal of all the floor boards and now it is time to remove all the doublers ribs and broken ribs and replace them with new single piece ribs that will run from deck to keel.
This photo shows the old engine bed that is going to be removed as well as the blank over the old stern tube hole which be filled and a proper blank put over the old hole.
This photo shows the number of doubled up ribs there are in the cockpit that do not need to be there. These are the ones on the port side and the photo below are the ones on the starboard side.

 This photo is of the old engine exhaust and telltale skin fittings which are going to be removed and a couple of new skin fittings for the manual bilge pump and the automatic bilge will take there place.