Friday, 26 July 2013

Now it is time to hit the list of boat jobs on own boat.

Now with a little time to myself, it is about time I started doing some work on my own boat. Although the list is long there are a number of jobs that will not take that long to sort out and be able to do quite quickly. While other will take some time to sort and do.

The first thing that needs sorting in the boat will be to empty out all the loose floor boards and locker tops and lids and then get to grips with vacuuming out under the floors and in the lockers before washing down the inside of the boat and making sure it is clean before rubbing down the  white gloss paint work and repainting the bilges out with a fresh coat of Grey bilge paint. While this is being done make up patterns for the rest of the under bunk storage and in the galley lockers as well.

Then will come the wet messy job of washing down the inside of the boat, lots of fun!!!!