Saturday, 29 June 2013

Missing a year's sailing

It appears that because of other work that the planned sailing for this year is now been cut short. However, this will give me more time to get other work on the boat done. Then it will be put in the water later on and sailed during the winter months when the rivers will be less busy.

The main job to get sorted will be the cabin sides and roof and once that is done the turn my attention to the cockpit and the engine and the electrics. Then work on the mast to put a masthead light on for sailing at night. also put the VHF Ariel up on the masthead as well.

Other work to get done is to repaint the topsides and deck and varnish all ther rubbing skates and toe rails and make a new forehatch. Then may be finish off the work on the end of the boom to ensure the main will reef correctly.
This photo is of a leak that is round the end of the starboard garboard plank which will have to be looked into before the boat is re-launched

 This photo is of a small leak on the end of the port garboard plank

 A leak along the bottom of the port garboard plank halfway along

 A photo of the inside before the work started on replacing the cabin sides and roof 

 A photo looking aft on the port side towards the cockpit before the work was started on removing the old wood.

A photo of the inside undercover  

 A photo of the port side having been started to be sanded down
 A photo of the port further along

A Photo of the starboard side having the same treatment as the port side
 The cabin and cockpit sides now removed readsy to start sorting out the deck and carlins before starting to put new cabin and cockpit sides and roof back in place.