Friday, 22 March 2013

The second year of sailing the Mai-Star II

The second year of sailing was very much the as the first. Like with all wooden yacht or motor boats the yearly chore of painting and varnishing the wood work or just touching up the paint work where it was damaged the year before. Fitting new equipment or replacing old gear that had seen better days. It is a never ending chore that makes boating fun both on and off the water.
With Mai-Star II it is a matter of  getting to know the boat a little bit more every time my family & I when out on her, seeing what she would do in different sea conditions and wind speeds. So all together a fun time, as well as a few mishaps along the way in the way of going aground from time to time. This is what east coast sailing is about when you explore little creeks and inlets. The problems that beset us from the first year were for the most part sorted; just the trimming with the correct amount of ballast is going to take time.
Getting to grips with the sails was fun, as with all new sail plans it is a matter of getting the correct settings for the different wind speeds and point of sailing, as well as trying out new sails and seeing how they perform under different conditions. Also getting to know when to reef the boat before it gets over powered  and too much of a handful to sail short-handed.
During the second year while my son was on his school holidays, he came out on the boat and it was his first trip on the boat out on the North Sea and he enjoy every minute of it.  

So this year when the boat is relaunched he is going to come sailing more and see more of the creeks and inlets around our piece of coastline on the Suffolk - Essex and retrace the steps of the children from the pages of A. Ransomes books.