Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The first year sailing, not much of it but it was fun.

The first year's sailing there was not much of it, but it was fun.

The first year was a year of getting to know what the boat would do as much has it was to find out what it would do. One thing was very soon a where was that it did not like moving around a marina. Especially as it has a long keel and with a small outboard, you have to make moving around very carefully planned or things can and will go wrong.

Out of the local rivers it was a good boat in when sailing in a bit of a breeze as long as you reefed early, that it something that will have to do sorted out over the winter as it was having to be done a little too early. More Ballast please said the boat and its crew.  The new sails had to be tested to see the sheeting positions were correct and if there was any need to adjust these, thankfully it was fine and the sailing trials when OK apart from the ballast problem.

The engine trials were fun, finding out how fast the boat would manoeuvre as well as how fast it would stop from going full ahead under motor to stopping. in the end that was quite a way. But it was to be fun. After it takes a lot of power to stop 3 tons of old gaffer once it got a fair speed up.

The first year showed up a few problems with storage down below, nothing major, just a few cups that needed better cup holders making so that they stayed in place while making a brew under sail.

So all in all it was a good first year, now to get the boat sorted for the new season and learn from the last season and get a few more things done to the boat to make this year even better than the last season.