Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The first season's sailing, not a lot of it but there were some good days out.

The first season was a matter of getting to know the new boat and its handling, to see how it turned in a marina or not. How much it would take to get her underway as well as how much it would take to stop her.  Also how it sails under different sail setups and wind conditions. So all in all a lot of fun.

Most of the first season was taken up with local sailing and exploring the local rivers and creeks and the odd coastal trip.

The one thing that was very noticable was that the boat needed a bit more ballast as it had be removed at sometime and not replaced. So the hunt was on for some more ballast, about 3CWT of it.

The main thing with the boat was getting to grips with the gaff rig as I had not sailed this for a good many years and it was working out how to get the best out of the rig in different wind and sea conditions.

Other things were to see how to get the galley and cooker to work in different conditions and see how large my to do list was going to grow over the next few months. Thankfully the list was not too long. The main one being the need for more ballast as it was needed to having to reef early, but that is something to sort out over the winter re-fit period so that it is ready for the new season.


A lazy motor down the river Orwell

My son first trip on the boat