Sunday, 20 January 2013

The first re-launch date and first sail

Now that the boat had been painted & varnished and anti fouled it was now time to re-launch the boat for the first time in over 12 years. It was a nervous time especially for me after all the work my wife and I had put into getting the boat this far. The day was sunny and the time came to get the boat put in the hoist to put it in the water.

Then the boat was lowered into the water, coming as no surprise the boat leaked a little, after all it had not been in the water for over 12 years and the was going to be a bit of taking up to do. However, as it was released from the slings and left to float the water came in a lot faster than before. So much that I had to put a fire pump into stem the flow of water into keeping her a float. This when on for the best part of four to five hours until the water coming in had all but stopped and the boat was floating be her self.

As I had a feeling that the boat was going to leak, as the planking was so dry after it had been out for so long and that it was a dry summer and winter before the launch. It was something I was expecting to happen I left out all the loose floor boards and other fittings until it had taken up and was dry in side.

After about a week it appeared to have stopped leaking. So it was time to raise the mast once more and set the rig up so that I could take it for it's first sail in over 12 years. As with anything that as been restored back from a wreck to sailing condition. It is a nervous time as the rig take up the tension of having the sails filling with the breeze and powering up and making its way under it's own sails. Also it was a time to test out the new rudder which I had build from a design that I had been given  by the last owner, which he said was taken from the pattern of the old rudder that was no condition to be used.

So after this first sail the boat started to work and a couple of leaks started and so it was taken out of the water to sort these out and to do a few other little jobs that the first sail had shown up.