Sunday, 13 January 2013

Painting the boat's hull, a never ending task

One of the jobs that on a wooden boat, never ends is painting the hull. It is a job that you have to do every year. However, if you buy a boat that you have to restore then the job takes a lot longer as you have to build up the layers of paint to get a good finish. This can take you a long time especially if you like I was during this time working outside in the pal of the weather gods.

So the long process of putting on paint and sanding it off and fairing started and if you have an old boat that is not not very fair or as a few dents in then the job is going to take time. However, when you have spent a lot of hours doing it and the end result is a nice hull then the long hours disappear and the pain of using a sanding board and sander makes it all worth while.

With that out of the way then in was the turn of the rubbing skates and toe rails and cabin sides and  hand rails. This is a long job getting layers of varnish on the bare wood and building up the thickness of varnish so it would protect the wood for the coming season. The first few coats of varnish you put on appear to disappear as if you had not put any on, but over a period of time when the wood stopped taking it in. then the layers started building up and till it looked like a glass like finish.

Then the next year you start the job again on painting the boat, but not to the same level as before because by this time you have build up the layer of paint and varnish, But it is still a never ending job and one of the joys of having a wooden boat or so I have been told.